Monday, April 11, 2011

Channel Re-ordering & Favorite Channels Instructions How to do Skycable Philippines Digibox Digital box cable

Channel Re-ordering

You can move-up or move-down channels just the way you want to with the Digibox. Again, this is my second favorite feature since I could prioritize my favorite channels first when channel surfing.

This rearranges all channels list. Click Menu button on remote (#4), then Manage channel then edit channel and password is 0000. (instructions in Skycable digibox manual page 11 item 5.1) Use arrow keys to select channel and then red button to mark and then arrow keys to go to location you wish to move it to and press red button again to paste it there, Repeat these steps until you have reordered all channels in the order of main useage. When finished, push exit key on remote (#14) and then press ok to finish re-ordering. You can press cancel as well if you don't want to finish the re-ordering and it will not be done. You can also use this manage channel to lock channels so your children or others can not view.

Favorite Channels
Marking a certain channel as your favorite is certainly my favorite feature of this new digibox of Skycable. You could not reorder lists in the old Skycable box. The new Digibo  gives channel surfing a whole new meaning. You can put all the channels you regularly watch in this list using your remote and then you can only can surf through these channels only rather than the complete cable list of channels.

Although the Skycable digibox is fairly clear on how to do it, on page 12, 5.2 article, you basically push the favorite button on the remote #16 (see manual page 5-6) then use the arrow keys on the left column all channels until you get to the channel you wish to add, when it is highlighted, press OK in center of remote. Continue doing this until all your channels are added you want. Then use the arrow key to go to the right column favorites and highlight the channel you want to reorder, putting your best favorites first and others later by highlighting channel you want to move and then click the red button to make the channel you want to move. Use the direction keys to go to the location you want to move it in the list and press the red key again to paste it there in the lineup. Do this until you have got all your favorites in the order you desire.

When finished, press the Exit key (#14) and your done. Then to browse your favorite channels, click the OK key in the center and at the top use the direction arrows to change from all to favorites and then use your down arrow to go to one of the favorites and click it to go to that channel (important to press the channel to switch it complete). You should now be in favorites with a heart symbol and you can scan up and down to view all your favorites. If you want to go back to all click OK again and use up arrow to go to all and favorites and right left to change and click a channel in all to go to all and then continue browsing,

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